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Why The Name "Yem"?

Many have asked me why the name Yem (pronounced ee-yam). The answer is simple. It was inspired by the traditional undergarment Vietnamese women wore centuries ago. Throughout the years, because of its simple style and practicality, it has managed to stay popular in Vietnamese ladies' style repertoire. Today, it is a staple in my closet, not as an undergarment but as a piece I am proud to wear everywhere (paired with a shawl in certain conservative functions).

(the "yem" in the old days)

The moment I knew I was starting a fashion brand, I knew the name was to be Yem. To me, the yem stands for authenticity, versatility, functionality, and timelessness. It is sexy yet classy. It is about honoring traditions while staying relevant. This was everything I wanted in my brand.

(the "yem" in my everyday life)

If you were to start a fashion brand, what would you name it and why? 

Los Angeles, January 19, 2018.       


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