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We will build a luxury sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand that will put Vietnam's traditional arts and crafts on the map, starting with silk. Together we will revitalize Vietnamese local economies and restore Vietnam's dying handicraft traditions. 

Our focus: Tan Chau Silk



In the early 1900's, Tan Chau village was prized as the birthplace of Lanh My A, the most luxurious silk, reserved solely for royalty. Lanh My A looks and feels like leather but is soft, silky and breathable like silk.

Learn More About the Silk


In the early 1900's, Tan Chau village was prized as the birthplace of the most luxurious silk, reserved solely for royalty.

MAC NUA fruit is what makes Tan Chau Silk Special


Mac Nua fruit is the only 100% natural true black dye in the world. It can only be grown in the small region surrounding the Mekong Delta. 


Its medicinal qualities combined with pure silk it especially beneficial for the skin. It does not retain body odor, which means fewer washes. 


Its deep roots keep the trees alive during draught so it does not require extra water. The whole tree is useable as wood, food or dye. 

Over the last few decades, the population of mặc nưa trees keeps diminishing as they are replaced by food crops that are more profitable and easier to manipulate. In addition, most of the village gave up on the craft because of competition from much cheaper synthetic silk made by big factories and imported from other countries. 


The first time I met Mr. Tri Nguyen, I couldn't hold back tears as I listened to the stories of his family, his village, and the dying 100-year-old silk-making tradition, told over a home-cooked dinner by his wife and business partner, the lovely Mrs. Thy.

Tri told me that his father, 92-year-old Mr. Long, implored to him, "no matter what, please don't give up on the family business until the day I die." Then he said, "my only dream is to have an acre of land to grow mặc nưa."

I knew right away then this was what I was put on this earth to do, starting with making Tri's dream of growing mặc nưa on his own land come true.  

Our Brand Was Born

Modern Clothes, Traditional Fabrics

What We Have 

  • The most unique and luxurious "silk of royalty"
  • A team of top couture tailors in Los Angeles (contract)
  • An experienced and talented designer (contract)
  • Vietnamese founder with years of experience in business
  • A strong and emotional brand story

Where We Are Headed

  • Become the most trusted fashion name for silk in America
  • Become a celebrity favorite
  • Set new standards for luxury sustainable fashion
  • Expand into a lifestyle brand that works with other Vietnamese crafts 
  • Along with reviving the crafts, improve lives by providing jobs and education to the artisans

How We Get There

  • Raise $1,000,000 to give the brand a strong start
  • Hire the PR firm that has backed respected brands like Everlane
  • Focus on celebrity endorsement by using personal connections and celebrity stylists 
  • Design special museum-quality pieces to be displayed by textile museums across the country

2018 and before: START-UP

  • 2017: extensive traveling throughout Vietnam visiting almost 50 craft villages to eventually settle on Tan Chau village, relationship building with the artisans. 
  • Q1-Q3/2018: research & development, incorporation, prototyping, market-testing, 501(c)(3) Preserve Vietnam's Traditional Arts & Crafts Foundation ("The Foundation").
  • Q4/2018 (accomplished): engaging the top couture tailoring team and designer in Los Angeles. 
  • Q4/2018 (to achieve): fund-raising, fulfilling preorders, engaging service providers for branding, PR, social media and influencer marketing.

2019: Brand Awareness & Loyalty

  • Scale silk production, including buy land to grow mac nua.
  • Expand collections for both women and men.
  • Launch YEM Intimates and YEM Special Occasions.
  • Compete in Eco-Age's Green Carpet challenge
  • Launch "Green Carpet" Collection (red carpet pieces).
  • Launch Bespoke Service.
  • Have our museum-quality pieces displayed by textile museums across the country.
  • Start series of YEM Curated Pop-Ups and Shopping Parties.
  • Start The Foundation's first initiatives.

Beyond 2019: Expansion & Growth

After 2019, YEM will grow into a lifestyle brand with physical experiential stores in Los Angeles and New York. We will offer fashion, beauty & home products that utilize the following Vietnamese crafts in addition to Tan Chau silk:  

  • Hemp fabric 
  • Vegan "silk" made from lotus stems 
  • Other products from lotus, Vietnam's national flower
  • "Dó" paper made from tree bark
  • Salt water pearls
  • Silver
  • Bamboo and ratan
  • Creative coconut products (i.e. vegan "leather" etc)

private Investment Invitation

  • Total round: $1,000,000
  • Minimum buy-in: $5,000 for 0.3% equity ownership or 10% three-year note payable
  • Other perks: YEM Angel club membership with free alterations & made-t0-measure package, 20% discount for as long as you are an investor, one custom-made piece 
  • Pre-money Valuation: $1.67 million
  • Gross burn rate: $16,000/month


  • $50,000 to ordering fabric (a mix of Imperial Silk, Midnight Silk and Colored Silk) for the next collections. This will allow the family to hire and train 3 more workers from the village. 
  • $100,000 to buying and maintaining an acre of land to grow mặc nưa trees as soon as possible before the wild trees completely cut down.
  • $100,000 to buying two new Japanese silk weaving machines to increase productivity and allow the silk to have a larger width, which helps reduce waste and improve functionality. 
  • $50,000 to the production of the next collections. 
  • $50,000 to branding, PR, social media and influencer marketing.


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