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Our Mission
Revive Vietnam's Legendary Silk Village through Fashion 

Our Brand

Our Ethos

  • It's about how you feel and look.
  • It's about building relationships.
  • It's about having it all. 

Yes, it is possible to look great and feel great while supporting the artisans, the environment and the world. At YEM, we are dedicated to bringing you top-quality sophisticated and fashion-forward clothes made from the world's most luxurious silk. Our medicinal silk nourishes and pampers your skin like no other.

By having direct relationships with you, our artisans and our dressmakers, we are building not only a brand but also a family. We commit to 100% transparency, so if there is anything you would like to know about your garments, including but not limited to the costs, materials, and origins, feel free to drop us a line. 

Our Brand

Our Pricing

Our garments are made by some of the top couture tailors in America.

Our silk's cost rivals some of the most expensive fabrics used by the top fashion houses in the world. 

However, we do not use the traditional luxury retail markup. The price you pay consists of material cost, labor cost, logistics cost, other admin cost, plus a reasonable profit margin to sustain our business.  

Utilizing just-in-time production and the direct-to-consumer model, we cut costs by eliminating the middlemen and minimizing waste.  

Our Brand


At YEM, aside from caring about you and our artisans, we also care deeply about the world. This is the reason we are committed to the following sustainability guidelines:

  • Zero waste policy, reflected in our creative sewing practice, free repairs and  just-in-time/made-to-order inventory management
  • Zero toxins or pollutants used in any part of the supply chain
  • No synthetic materials
  • No natural fabrics that are hard on the environment like cotton 
  • Fair & ethical treatment of workers 
  • High-quality garments that last a lifetime  

Our Brand

What to Expect from Us

As 2018 is about building the brand, 2019 is about making it the most trusted name in silk. In 2019, you will be seeing the following:

  • YEM Signature Collection 
  • YEM Signature Menswear Collection
  • YEM "Greencarpet" Collection (Special Occasions) 
  • YEM All-About-Comfort Collection
  • YEM Bespoke Service
  • YEM Studio in Los Angeles, taking private appointments with bespoke clients
  • YEM Curated Pop-Ups and Parties