Yem Angels OLD

If you can see this page, you have been personally invited to be one of the 50 Yem Angels.

We are aware that Yem has an inspiring story,  top-quality products, and of course the extraordinary exclusive Midnight Silk. However, in order to grow the brand, we need upfront funds to start paying for public relations and expand the collection. 

Instead of asking for funding from traditional investors, we have decided to invite our dearest friends and family to be a part of our journey to become one of the leading American brands in luxury conscious fashion. 

For each $2,500 contribution, you are entitled to: 

1. $5,000 credit in future merchandise (approximately the equivalent of purchasing our pieces at cost)

2. 20% discount for 2 years after the $5,000 credit is used up.

3. Free made-to-measure (this option is not available to customers) for 2 years.

In 2018, new products include Midnight Silk pants, tops and dresses along with cashmere scarves in a new unisex pattern. In 2019, new products include new silk patterns and colors, cashmere clothing, alpaca clothing, jewelry and men's clothing. 

Many of our pieces, especially the accessories, are great as gifts.